A life changing trip to Nepal changed the course of Mel’s life forever. 

Mel’s life to date was nothing short of ordinary; a mother, a breast cancer survivor and a successful photographer. Her photography work had always led her to seek the beauty – and the truth – in life. 

Mel recounts,  “Back in 2012, I put on a vision board that I wanted to go to abroad to do a photography project in a third world country. About two years later, I had the opportunity to actually do that – I went to Nepal with a small team making a documentary about the sex trafficking of Nepali women and girls. I was doing the still photography. We spent two weeks travelling around rural and remote Nepal, interviewing girls who had been rescued from trafficking. The abuse they had experienced was abhorrent, and coming back to Australia I felt compelled to do something in the world to support women in my own community. So I created The Sista Code community to encourage women to support other women.”

And so, her new course was set.

Mel created The Sista Code in May 2014 as an online community to share thoughts, insights, stories and information, on diverse areas of concern to women. In particular, covering social issues affecting women, organisations and awesome women making a difference, women’s health, relationships, career, and family. The ultimate objective is to see women empowered, happy and connected, and to celebrate each other’s successes, uplift and inspire each other as a way to make a difference world-wide.

The Sista Code has now entered its sixth year of operation, and Mel is most proud of, “Giving women a voice, seeing the connection between women and that when we bring women together for a greater purpose, they do great things.”

To learn more about The Sista Code, visit the website here.

 The Sista Code