How to take an Amazing Selfie with Your iPhone

How to take an Amazing Selfie with Your iPhone

Selfies are big right now. Not only are they are fun to take, they’re also an exciting way to mark memorable moments. To get the most out of your selfie, use these tips to take great shots and capture each moment exactly how you want it to be seen. Try switching up your photographing techniques on your iPhone with these tips and see what amazing selfies you can come up with.

#1 Let Lighting Do All the Work

One of the most important elements of a good selfie is lighting. Lighting allows your face to look amazing no matter where you are. Good light sources such as lamps or even sunlight are a big part of creating professional looking photos without special effects.

#2 Choose an Exciting Background

Backgrounds enhance the imagery of your selfie. Are you on vacation and want to show off the scenery and what you’re up to? Include your surroundings in the background of your selfie to communicate more – let the selfie tell the story.

#3 Show a Smile

Everyone loves to see a selfie with a smile. Smiles brighten up a selfie. They set the mood and set the tone, so flash your pearly whites!

#4 Let Filters and Effects Enhance Your Photos

Filters can dramatically change the mood of your photo, so have fun experimenting with the filters that come on your iPhone. Filters alter the colour of your image, the contrast, and add cool overall effects that will make your selfie stand out.

#5 Tell a Story

While a selfie might seem limited, it really isn’t. You’d be surprised how much a visual image communicates to viewers. You can artfully express where you are, who you are with, and what you are doing. Take time to plan out and frame the picture properly. Let your creative juices flow…don’t be afraid to try several “scenarios” so you can choose your favourite to share.

Olivia and Mik (1)

#6 Avoid Photo Bombers

Photo bombers can be annoying, or funny. A photo bomber sneaks into the shot, inserting themselves into your selfie. Though the results can be funny, sometimes it’s just not what you’re trying to achieve. Take a minute to check the background to be sure the image bomber-free.

Use these Tips Wisely

These tips are an overall guide to taking great selfies, but they do not by any means need to be followed all the time. Find ways to have fun taking selfies and enjoy the process. If you’re having fun, your photos will reflect that excitement to your viewers. There’s nothing like a great selfie!

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