Five tips to help you get amazing professional portraits!

So you’re a smart, confident businessperson making your mark on the world. Do the photos that you use for social media, website and marketing material reflect that? I have noticed a broad variation in the quality of profile pictures that people are using for their social media; some look stylish, modern and professional, others not so much.

 I recently posted on Facebook a selection of corporate portraits that I took of Heidi Alexandra Pollard, CEO of UQPower. The reaction was really positive and so it got me analysing what is was about Heidi’s shoot (and other shoots I have done) that worked well to produce the great shots.


CEO UQ Power, Heidi Alexandra Pollard Heidi Alexandra Pollard, CEO of UQPower

Heidi needed to update her professional portraits as the ones she had been using were a few years old. As a person who values authenticity, Heidi wanted to make sure that her professional images reflect who she really is and what she really looks like. So it was time for us to hit the studio again to produce a suite of images she could use professionally as needed.

Heidi is an awesome lady and kick-ass businesswoman. She is fun, kind, happy, gorgeous, smart and unique and that is the main reason she looks so amazing in these photos – they captured the essence of her!

Which is exactly what Heidi wanted. UQ Power’s mission is to help elevate the global playing field for small to mid-sized companies through unique brand and culture strategies that are easy on the finances, easy to implement and easy to sustain. So as a brand and business expert, Heidi recognised that it was essential to create her own brand and have photographs that reflect her brand.

It was really wonderful to get the nice feedback about Heidi’s photographs; but I can’t take all the credit. There are a few steps in the process that I believe helped to ensure that Heidi’s photos look not only striking but also fulfilled her needs, and they can help you too!

So here they are – five (5) key things that contribute to getting professional portraits that will make you look fabulous and you can use as needed.

  1. Be strategic – understand how many images you need and where and how you are going to use them; such as social media, website, for speaking engagements, videos, PR opportunities and other marketing activities.
  2. Determine what your personal brand is and how you want to be portrayed. This will help us in choosing your clothes and the location for your shoot.
  3. Research other professional portraits to help you decide the looks you like and don’t like. Put together a collection of images or ‘mood board’ to help you communicate your desired ‘look’.
  4. For the ladies, professional makeup is a must to enhance your features and even out your skin tone. (It can also be good for the men too!)
  5. Lastly, relax and have fun! Trust that I am here for you, to help you look and feel amazing and get those great corporate portraits you are proud to use!

In today’s world of high online visibility, it so important to make sure that your professional images are considered and show ‘the best version of you’. A picture does tell a thousand words and people will make very quick judgements about you based on what they see. If you are thinking about having some professional portraits taken, use these 5 tips as a guide to help you prepare for your shoot and ensure you get amazing photos!

If you are interested if having your professional portraits taken, email at and we organise a catchup to plan your own shoot!

Mel xx

© Melissa Histon 2014

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