An interview with Ann Caddey – Unlock Your Inner Artist

An interview with Ann Caddey – Unlock Your Inner Artist

Having coffee and a chat about creativity with Ann Caddey, artist and art teacher from ‘The Drawing Room.’

Are you ready to let your creative side out?

I recently met with Ann Caddey, an amazing artist from Newcastle, NSW, to discuss creativity and,as an art teacher, how we could all access our creative side. I actually first met Ann 3 years ago in a little diner in Chelsea, New York. We were in a group of fellow Aussies drinking cheap wine and eating burgers…and we laughed all night. Since then, I have admired Ann’s beautiful, vibrant nature, her love of art, her positivity and joyful vibe.

Ann was an art teacher for 30 years, and now continues to teach in her own business – a relaxed drawing boudoir called – ‘The Drawing Room’.

The thing I really love about Ann is her take on creativity and art – she believes it is for everyone. Not just to be intellectualised and admired by academia or explored by those with Fine Arts degrees. It is a form of self-expression for EVERYONE! As such, ‘The Drawing Room’ attracts a broad group of participants from art students honing their skills to mums and dads that just want to get out of the house and have fun over a glass of wine and a sketchpad!

When we met recently, Ann spoke of creativity and shared her ideas and insights into embracing the process of creating as an outlet for self-expression. 

Art is personal, there are no rules

 “[Art] …is basically about unlocking your inner artist because we have learnt in history and to our own social laws that a drawing must be like this,” says Ann.

“Or you’ve figured it out yourself in some strange way; a drawing should be like this. There are no ‘shoulds’ in art and there are no ‘shoulds’ in drawing,” she said.

This idea—of there being no rules—is incredibly empowering. Once we start to take this in, we can begin to open ourselves up to the universe of possibilities for creative expression within us.

Ann says, “In letting our goals and pre-conceived ideas fall away, we learn, that the journey is the focal point, rather than the destination, or goal. We learn to embrace the process!”

We all know there are some in the art world who just want to create a platform for themselves. These are the type of people Ann described rather on-point as a bit “show offie.” This can intimidate people who feel less artistically inclined, because, as Ann says, “art is and can be anything we want it to be.”

Open Your Inner Eye

“Anyone can learn how to mimic other artists’ styles or copy finished pieces through hours and hours of practice, but utilising that time and effort to express yourself with your own techniques is the best path to follow”, says Ann.

Of course, we are all inspired aesthetically by the work of our instructors or favourite artists. We can respect and treasure their ways of expressing, but learning to see with our inner eye, to discover your own artistic style is extremely liberating, meaningful, and gives way to a style all your own.

Ann encourages releasing your inner creative self in this way, “Everyone is creative, you just have to find your inner artist basically.”

“I’ve always believed, even when I had 30 years teaching art as a Visual Arts teacher in a high school, that I could release most people’s inner artist,” said Ann.

Be Brave in Your Art

“Don’t let the art you like dictate how your art should look. While you may learn new techniques and styles from other art, own your art’s content. Let your vision come through from the inside,” says Ann.

As much as it may seem to be about ambition, popularity, money, competition or fame, art is a personal process in its most honest form. The path to true, individual expression takes a courageous heart. Are you ready to walk this path?

“More often than not, creativity is about being in the moment, discovering who you are and how you like to express yourself. These gifts are much more valuable than how a piece of art turns out,” says Ann.

True, creative and beautiful words!


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