These days with the need to visually represent yourself on social media it is more important than ever to stand out from the crowd and take care with the personal brand and business identity you present.

Melissa is a fantastic photographer, with not only extraordinary skills in photo-taking, but also with a heart and aspiration to perfection. She knows what your needs are and takes the photos according to your expectations, which is really important. Apart from her making the whole process, fun, easy and time efficient, what she has managed to do in creating a variety of shots of me has provided me with a lift in my personal brand.

Thank you Melissa for your quality work and for your passion to do a great job.

I will be referring you to all my contacts.
Sally Coddington CEO Hunter Life Education

As part of our recent web site update we needed new corporate profiles. We were very impressed with Melissa's professionalism during the shoot and the results were outstanding. Thanks Mel!!!
Martin Spears H&M Accountants Pty Ltd

Melissa and her photographic skills blend into an element of oneness when the camera is in her hands. Melissa photographed my portraits with what appeared to be an effortless photo shoot. Her eye for detail and clear direction with guidance in where to stand and what to do provides her photography to be the very best it possibly can be. Melissa has a vibrancy so bright it illuminates her surroundings and is present in her images. I was captivated by her knowledge of processing the image from camera into its final stages. Melissa Histon Photography adds another dimension to the photography industry by bringing still photos to life.
Natasha Gilmour Author, writer, editor - natashajoan.com.au

Melissa is an excellent corporate photographer with a real understanding of the way her photographs will be used for marketing, public relations and brand positioning of an individual or company.

Melissa's best attribute would have to be her personable style which make all of her subjects feel comfortable and confident to have their photograph taken even if it I something they do not typically enjoy. Melissa can make event the toughest CEO or Board Member smile and enjoy the process with a great end result.
Heidi Alexandra Pollard CEO at UQ Power

I first decided to hire Mel to take my new business portrait after seeing some stunning results for other people, whom I knew. During the shoot Mel was both professional and warm, helping me to feel comfortable and understand what I needed to do for the best photographic outcome. However nothing prepared me for the fabulous images Mel captured on the day - when they arrived I looked at them repeatedly, which may sound a little odd but I was amazed at how I looked, she had just really captured my personality and helped me put my absolute best foot forward. I have already started making arrangements to have some other shots taken in a few months’ time and wouldn't dream of using anyone else but Melissa Histon, she truly is the bomb! Do I recommend her You Bet!
Lenore Miller Your Business Mojo, Business Education, Business Mastermind, Business Coaching - yourbusinessmojo.com.au

Mel is quite simply a joy to work with. Her outstanding professionalism, inspirational creativity and delightful personality all combine to make her my favourite photographer to work with to date, and I have worked with many in my career. I look forward to working with Mel again soon.
Ali Wanchap Founder, Jude Australia; Owner, Alpha Whiskey PR - judeaustralia.com.au