Love is in the Air I

Love is in the Trees I

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I love these series of photographs.  I took them when I was in Sydney for the day taking photographs just for fun. I was standing under a tree and I looked up and saw these lovely heart shaped leaves. I had a moment inspired and started photographing them straight up into the sky. As I was shooting, a lady stopped next to me and said, ” What beautiful heart shaped leaves, my husband would love these, he is a heart surgeon!” and so we stood admiring them together. It was a sign… I now have this series of ‘heart leave’ artistic photographs that I sell as limited edition photographs! Love is in the air…or in the trees!

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Catalogue number: MHP111 – MHP116

Edition: 100 only

8” x 10” fine art photograph plus 7cm white matting – $ 127 AUD

11” x 14” fine art photograph plus 8cm white matting – $ 299 AUD

16” x 24” fine art photograph plus 10cm white matt – $549 AUD