Let’s get more creative!

This New Year, I want to be more creative! I’m not alone either. I have noticed on social media, in the last week or so, other people either making New Year’s resolutions to spend more time exploring their own creativity or just having a bit of ‘me’ time with a paint brush.

And that is just AWESOME! I say go for it!

I love being creative and want to strengthen my own ‘creative muscle’ …because, well, it makes my heart sing! It can make your heart sing too!

I personally am striving to be more creative with my fine art photography collections and portraiture. How would you like to be more creative?

Creating something is a very personal experience; a journey. To see something you have imagined in your mind come to life can be very rewarding and joyful.

My lovely friend and Naturopath extraordinaire, Tammy Guest, has been getting creative… here she is with her own painting that now adorns a wall at her clinic, Inspirational Health!

If you have taken a creative ‘journey’, you will know that creating can also bring up ‘stuff’. Whether you have painted, photographed, scrapbooked, written, or even cooked a beautiful meal for someone – when you present your final ‘masterpiece’ you can feel a range of emotions – pride, joy, uncertainty or fear of ‘what if they don’t like it’ or ‘it didn’t turn out how I thought it would.’

Remember that a journey does not always go in a straight line or on a straight road. There are hills and obstacles, fences to jump, turns and bends. Sometimes you can’t see the end of the road or where you are heading. Sometimes where you end up is not where you thought you would or looks nothing like your original vision. However, sometimes when you get to the end of your journey, what you have created is perfect and just how you imagined in your mind’s eye.

I recently created this photograph below and the first person I showed it to told me they didn’t like it and thought it was disturbing. I then (nervously) posted it on my professional Facebook page and I had such glowing feedback and it was liked, commented on and shared by people around the world! I went from being so unsure to feeling so joyful that it touched so many people. The photograph is called, ‘Wounded Angel’ and is a tribute to White Ribbon Day.

 Wounded Angel

My photographic creation, ‘Wounded Angel’.

That experience highlighted to me that being creative is about taking chances. Not all people will like what you do, but stay true to your heart, and don’t let your self-talk become your saboteur.

If you would like to start creating but are not sure how to start, here are 5 things you can do to start on your own journey:

  1. Start a vision board with images or words that appeal to you or touch you. Use the colours, form and images as inspiration to get you started.
  2. Keep a notebook so you can jot down creative ideas that come to you. I have multiple notebooks LOL! I might be meditating, driving somewhere or running on the treadmill and if an image or idea pops into my head, I just jot it down so I remember it later.
  3. Enrol in a course. The first thing I did when I started photography was to enrol in a course to learn how to use my camera – it was the start of my journey and has brought me so far.
  4. Google. Use the Internet to research tips, tools and how-to-techniques to get you going. 
  5. Take a leaf out of Nike’s book and Just Do It! Go to the art or craft store, buy a canvas, some paints, scrapbooking paper, or clay – supplies for whatever it is that you want to try – and just give it a go! 

Remember – the only regrets in life are the risks you didn’t take!

PS: I would love you to share your creations with me and the world on my blog! Please email a photo of you with your ‘masterpiece’ to fabphotos@melissahiston.com

Mel xx

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