I’m loving Angels instead…

Merry Christmas 2013!


Merry Christmas to you! These two beautiful Christmas Angels bringing gifts of new life and renewal to the burnt bushland are local Newcastle sisters, Ainslie and Meredith Young. As fashion designers and creators of Young The Label, Ainslie and Meredith are always bringing new creations to life. We bring you good tidings and best wishes for a wonderful and prosperous 2014!

It has been a few years since I shot a ‘Christmas photo’ and sent out a Christmas greeting.  I always find the lead up to Christmas to be so busy that sending out Christmas cards keeps slipping to the bottom my ‘to do’ list. Poor excuse…I know…

But this year has been a wonderful year of growth and change and I made the decision stop using ‘being busy’ as an excuse and to share my love of Christmas by creating a Christmas photo to share!

So about three weeks ago, I headed to Redhead Road, Redhead (Newcastle NSW) with my two Christmas Angels, sisters Ainslie and Meredith Young, and makeup artist, Alix Hibberd. I picked this location specifically as only two months ago it was ravaged with bushfire and was left charred and burnt; however, the fire also left the most incredible black and vibrant red leaves and trees.

Angels, Ainslie and Meredith, have the most beautiful red hair and I could picture in my mind how beautiful this scene would look: red, the colour of Christmas, existing naturally in the bushland and the girls’ auburn locks.

So, Sunday evening about three weeks ago, Alix and I adorned Ainslie and Meredith with their angelic robes (Ainslie is wearing my Lisa Ho wedding dress), wings and haloes and we headed to Redhead Road for the shoot.  We arrived at about 6.30pm and traipsed through the bush, greeted by welcoming mosquitoes, until I found the perfect spot to photograph the angels.

 Ainslie and Meredith Young - my 2013 Christmas Angels!

Ainslie and Meredith were total professionals during the shoot and continued to smile beautifully while swatting greedy mozzies away!

If you have ever had a story in your head that you tried to write or envisioned a painting, drawing or photograph that you have tried to create, you will know that sometimes it takes a few tries before your final piece is just how you imagined!

And so it was with this…I was really happy with the final Christmas image, I must confess I had to re-shoot the bushland a second time and re-work the photo. I had a couple of moments of panic when I thought it just wasn’t going to work. I kept thinking, ‘I’ve wasted Ainslie and Meredith’s time’, ‘This just isn’t working, ‘What if people don’t like my work’… have you ever felt this way?

The cool thing is that I know the best thing I can do when I feel this way is, get up, walk away, take a break and say to myself, ‘This will work, you know you can do this and you just have to believe and keep working at it!’

And so it came into being!

I hope you like my 2013 Christmas Photo  – Merry Christmas to all and here’s cheers to a fabulous 2014!

Now, who would like to star as my Christmas Angel/s for 2014? :)

PS: If you would like to see Ainslie and Meredith’s fabulous designer handbag collections, visit www.youngthelabel.com


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