Every Photograph has a Story …

Every Photograph has a Story …

When I’m not shooting for my clients, I am working on creative projects just for the love of it! I am very grateful that other people like my creative photographs too and have been ordering them through my Facebook page.

So I have created an online gallery so I can share many of my favourite fine art photographs with you. They are also available to buy online if you really like one and want to hang it on your wall or give as a gift!

There is a story behind each of these images and so I thought that the best way to share these stories with you all would be to write about them here.  So here is the first ‘story behind the image’ for you all.

 I hope you enjoy these images and their history as much as I enjoy sharing them with you!


 Love is in The Trees!

I love these series of photographs.  I took them when I was in Sydney for the day taking photographs just for fun. I was standing under a tree and I looked up and saw these lovely heart shaped leaves. I had a moment inspired and started photographing them straight up into the sky. As I was shooting, a lady stopped next to me and said, ” What beautiful heart shaped leaves, my husband would love these, he is a heart surgeon!” and so we stood admiring them together. It was a sign… I now have this series of ‘heart leave’ artistic photographs that I sell as limited edition photographs! Love is in the air…or in the trees!


 You are always welcome to go to view the other photographs in my Gallery and Shop.  And if you have a favourite and would like to hear about how it’s history, please email me at fabphotos@melissahiston.com.


Mel xx

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