April 2014


I would really like to thank all those people who have taken the time to show support for the 3 Angels Nepal project and trip that I participated in recently. After travelling to Nepal and learning more about the terrible issue of sex-trafficking of women and girls, it is just so heartening to know that so many people care about this issue, want to know more and how they can help!

I returned from Nepal about three weeks ago now and I’ve tried many times to write about the journey; but I keep struggling to process my thoughts and feelings about the whole experience.

When I arrived home, I was so happy to see my husband, Craig, and our kids. I also felt a bit disconnected. My head was still back in Nepal with the boys and girls from the childrens’ homes, the rescued girls at the Safe Haven home and the dedicated 3 Angels Nepal staff and volunteers.


I went to Nepal with fellow Novocastrians Belinda Bow (3 Angels Nepal Ambassador/Green Chilli Marketing), Robyn Raymond (3 Angels Nepal Ambassador) and Daniel Bracken (Native Media). My job was to do the still photography for a documentary they are making about the sex-trafficking of Nepali women to India and the amazing work of 3 Angels Nepal.

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