January 2014

Let’s get more creative!

This New Year, I want to be more creative! I’m not alone either. I have noticed on social media, in the last week or so, other people either making New Year’s resolutions to spend more time exploring their own creativity or just having a bit of ‘me’ time with a paint brush.

And that is just AWESOME! I say go for it!

I love being creative and want to strengthen my own ‘creative muscle’ …because, well, it makes my heart sing! It can make your heart sing too!

I personally am striving to be more creative with my fine art photography collections and portraiture. How would you like to be more creative?

Creating something is a very personal experience; a journey. To see something you have imagined in your mind come to life can be very rewarding and joyful.

My lovely friend and Naturopath extraordinaire, Tammy Guest, has been getting creative… here she is with her own painting that now adorns a wall at her clinic, Inspirational Health!

If you have taken a creative ‘journey’, you will know that creating can also bring up ‘stuff’. Whether you have painted, photographed, scrapbooked, written, or even cooked a beautiful meal for someone – when you present your final ‘masterpiece’ you can feel a range of emotions – pride, joy, uncertainty or fear of ‘what if they don’t like it’ or ‘it didn’t turn out how I thought it would.’

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